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We're a High School robotics team from Pacific Grove, CA. We love to build robots and compete in regional FIRST competitions. For 2017, we built a 120lb. robot called "Archer" that was able to move fast, collect gears, and place them correctly on a peg. At the end of each match, Archer then had to climb a 3 foot rope and hang on.

Archer did this so well and so reliably that we qualified to attend the World Championships in Houston, TX where we came in 4th in our division. With almost 4500 teams competing in the same competition, this puts us in the top 1% of teams worldwide!

This spring we will be competing in 2 regional competitions in San Francisco and Madera where we will have the opportunity to qualify for World Championships once again. 

**UPDATE** (4/10/18)
The BreakerBots were finalists at the Central Valley Regional and earned a wildcard slot to go to the World Championships in Houston again!

We're looking for donations to help us with the expenses so that we can represent Pacific Grove and compete against some of the best teams in the world.

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  • Carol and Sal Ferrantelli donated "Keep up the great work!"
  • Anne Hyde and Bryan Gilson donated "Way to go!! " - via Roby Hyde
  • David Schwab donated - via Zac Staples
  • Marlow Mercedes-Werks donated "Great work BreakerBots!! Good luck in Houston. From all your friends at Mercedes-Werks." - via Gavin James
  • Gaudette Family donated "Congrats on qualifying for Houston. Good luck!" - via Hayden Staples
  • Gordon Hyde donated "Proud of you" - via Roby Hyde
  • david keller donated "Best luck to your team!! Grandpa Dave, Carol and Bentley" - via Michaela Keller
  • Diana Godwin donated
  • Jennifer Kaaoush donated "Go team! " - via Gavin James
  • Tim and Maureen Kitting donated "Great to see the BreakerBots having fun and doing so well. Keep up the good work!" - via Henry Loh
  • Ethel Achanzar donated "So proud of you, Zeus! Good luck and more power to your team!" - via Zeus Marquez
  • Jennifer Rhatigan donated "Great job at the Central Valley Regional, and good luck in Houston!" - via Carlos Michel-Luhrs
  • Joyce Hamza donated "Best of luck! " - via Carlos Michel-Luhrs
  • T. Loh donated "These BreakerBots otter win in Houston! (... sorry for the pun)." - via Henry Loh
  • Richard Scalettar donated "Henry- The Scalettars are proud of you and your team!" - via Henry Loh
  • Central Valley Regional

    The team competed against 47 teams at Madera and we made it into the playoffs as the 8th seed alliance captain. We added team 4276 from Huntington Beach and team 4255 from Monterey to our alliance. Together, we knocked off the top seeded alliance and fought our way to the finals. We were stopped by the winning alliance lead by the Citrus Circuits from Davis, CA. Our performance earned us a wildcard slot to the World Championships in Houston, TX in April Go BreakerBots!

  • John Rethke donated "Congrats for 'earning' Second Place at the CalGames in Sunnyvale! Keep up the good work!" - via Allie Hunt
  • Cedar Street Times donated - via Allie Hunt
  • Karen & Rick Hargrove donated "BreakerBots, We hope 2017 is a great year for the team & look forward to the competitions! Best Regards, Karen & Rick" - via Parker Staples
  • “An anonymous donation was made - via Parker Staples
  • Michael Branning donated - via Parker Staples
  • Rafi Musher donated "Kudos to Parker Staples for getting the team going again on the platform. " - via Parker Staples
  • MadTown Throwdown

    The BreakerBots competed at MadTown Throwdown in November. After 12 qualifying matches, we were in 10th place overall (33 robots total) and we were selected as 6th seed alliance captains for the playoffs. This is our best showing to date. It's also the last competition for our 2016 robot, Madoc.

  • Jeff Salmon donated "From an adult school wood shop student/assistant"
  • John Rethke donated "Looks like you've doe a great job getting ready for the competition. Best of Luck!"
  • “An anonymous donation was made
  • Porter Williams donated "Good luck!" - via Roby Hyde
  • Tu Truong donated "Good luck!" - via Roby Hyde
  • Michael Branning donated "Good luck!" - via Roby Hyde
  • Cedar Street Times donated "Keep those robots out of the rain! "

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